Receivers, Speakers, and Soundbars.

Our expertise in speaker systems will help you decide on the very best for your home theater system. We have a wide range of speaker systems that will help you get the best sound experience.

Onkyo Receivers

Superior Sound

Superior entertainment, seamless integration

Superior Performance

Featuring superior audio performance backed by a 3 year warranty
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Designed for nightly encore performances

It has many features from live audio to cinema quality.

Easy to use

You’ll find it that it is quite easy to use and accessible for anyone to understand how it works.

Klipsch Speakers

Klipsch speakers are powerful components dedicated to bringing the best sound to your home theater system. It allows up to 7.1 surround sound if available, and will give you one of the best experiences out there.
  • The greatest advancement in home audio speakers since surround sound systems - Dolby Atmos® delivers an experience like no other home sound system with an overhead soundstage to completely engulf you in your movies and music.
  • Add more sound with tweeter speakers 
  • Dedicated subwoofer to blow you away!
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Yamaha Home Theater Systems

4K Ultra HD video compatibility,  HDCP 2.2, Bluetooth enabled for convenient access to music playlists to connect wirelessly to your mobile devices. High resolution Audio. 
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Bose Speakers

Soundbars, home theater systems, individual speakers, subwoofers, ranging from small to large dimensions, Bose has one of the highest quality standards on the market.
  • Powerful Performance.  
  • Versatile Designs.
  • For all Your music.  
  • Movies and TV-at home
  • or on the go. 
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Jamo Speakers = Perfection

Add an array of chic, modern home theater speakers engineered by decades of remarkable acoustic technology. High-quality cabinetry, designer finishes and advanced technologies combine to create gorgeous furniture whose exceptional acoustics are surpassed only by their beauty.
Add Dolby Atmos® height effects to any existing home theater with Jamo ATM 50 on top of your floorstanding or bookshelf speakers. Jamo subwoofers deliver awe-inspiring, heart-pounding bass from a sophisticated, danish design chest. Sleek, organic and acoustically superior. Jamo bookshelf speakers are the insignia of high-performance, stylish speakers. Movie dialogue and music lyrics come to life with crisp clarity.
Transcend the listening experience from a flat, two-dimensional sound-stage into a life-like reality. Upgrade your TV sound with Jamo elegant sound bar solutions. Everything you need is included. 
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Sonos Speakers

Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding music, movies and TV. Stream via WiFi. Play whatever you’re craving. And amp up every moment with intense, pulse-pounding sound.
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