Black Friday Deals


Black Friday!

Don't Miss out on our Black Friday Sales!

50% OFF!

Availability limited. Black Friday starts from Nov 24th at 9:00 am. 

Free Computer/TV Diagnostic.

We will be serving our customers with a free computer diagnostic, this could be a laptop, iMac, MacBooks, Desktops and all-in-one pc's. We will give you a free TV diagnostic if you bring it in as well.

Free Virus Scan with a purchase of an anti-virus

When a customer buys an anti-virus with us, we will scan your computer for free to check if there are any viruses in your system.

$80 + SSD Cloning Service.

We will be helping customers to upgrade their hard drives. When they purchase a solid state drive with us that has an equal or higher disk space than the current one they have installed on their computer, for $80 dlls we will install it, clone it, and make your computer run to the speed of an SSD!

Camera+DVR Package $199 4-camera 500GB HDD

We will be offering a surveillance package for your home or office for $199.99! This includes a DVR with 500GB of disk space, 4 dome cameras and 60ft cables for each.

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